Jacksonville, Florida

The Fedex Terminal is the closest environment to Santa’s workshop. Consumers all around the world order products online and arrange for their items to be delivered to their house, apartment, or office work space; however not many consumers stop to question the delivery process of their item. Mr. Andrew, a loyal costumer of Advocare Sport Nutrition, receives a package from Advocare once a month and has not given a lot of thought into the time a energy that goes into making the delivery to his apartment possible by stating, “I get so stocked when I see a package at door when I get home from work and I don’t really think about specifically how it got there. Like everyone I see delivery people out and about during the day but I don’t think too much about the specific delivery process.”

The employees of Fedex recognize their tasks at the terminal as a daily routine and do not give a lot of thought to the process of package delivery. A Fedex Ground delivery man states, “Once I got the routine down of which packages go in the truck first ect. ect. I didn’t think about who was getting the package or where it came from, I just follow what fells right. I do love it when I have to get a signature for the package I deliver and the customer is so happy to see me and get their package it kind of makes me feel like I am Santa Clause bringing toys everywhere.” The Fedex terminal is truly a hidden world of package delivery. April 8, 2017.

Thanks to Fedex Ground for footage consent and to Fedex Terminal Website.



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