St. Augustine

Surfers and Rip Tides

As along as tides shift, rip tides will always pose a threat to swimmers and surfers. The surfers of Vilano Beach in St. Augustine however take their chances when trying to catch some waves. Surfer, father, and businessman, Steve Williams expresses that he does not underestimate rip tides by stating, “I don’t think about rip tides as much as I should when I am out surfing by myself, but when I am surfing with my daughter I think about all the hazards; rip tides begin one of the hazards.”

Williams is not the only one that does not think often about the dangers of rip tides . The OceanView Lodge, a hotel located just off Vilano Beach in St. Augustine FL, does not typically warn their guests about rip tides at the beach. However the Vilano beach services does put up colored flags to indicate the measure of danger of a rip tides. Rip tides are not going anywhere but to work around the dangerous issue of the matter is to educate the surfers and swimmers that utilize the ocean says Williams. March 8, 2017


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